State-of-the-art facial recognition technology.


For decades our founders have been delivering face to face training courses to improve internal and external communication. Our app replaces the need for face to face courses with an app that focuses on continuous communication improvement. We currently track and improve 6 key behavioral traits:

Eye contact, Gestures, Posture, Vocal dynamics, Face Expressions, Disfluencies


Users record a speech, presentation, meeting preparation, or Internal feedback session. Anything where there is verbal communication. The app then provides the user with feedback on their effectiveness. Was their eye contact too long or short? Did they use too many gestures? Did they say “Um or You know” too often? Each user is then given a monthly tracking guide to improve their effectiveness. Specific games and learning lessons are provided to them. The cost effectiveness and longevity of learning is more effective through the app over time than an in person classroom session.