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Understanding ESG is the difference between success and failure when it comes to investing. It simply cannot be ignored anymore. Whether you are an investor or a company, big or small – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and investing is vital to understand if you want to stay up to speed with the market and current trends. 

Why ESG?

Conscious consumerism is growing exponentially worldwide. On the back of the pandemic, regulatory pressure and client demands, many organisations have responded by announcing net-zero or carbon-neutral commitments and investing in climate action. With this growing alertness globally, adopting ESG measures has transformed the priorities for many organisations. It is important that the finance industry moves fast towards fulfilling those requirements to reach the next level of investment capacity. 

This Certificate in ESG Investing course will give a deeper understanding of ESG, its growth, the implications, and the variety of ESG integration. It is designed for investment practitioners of all levels who want to learn how to analyse and integrate material ESG factors. You may be looking to start your career or working in sales & distribution, asset management, product development, financial advice, consulting, or risk. Wherever you are coming from, this course will drastically improve your understanding of ESG issues in an intuitive, informative, and engaging environment.  

CFA certificate in ESG Investing exam

The Certificate in ESG Investing is administered and awarded by the CFA institute and can be booked here. It is assessed through online testing using multiple choice and item set questions. Exams are delivered globally through various testing centres and virtual options are also available depending on region.  

This unique and practical qualification gives you a competitive edge and career advantage in this vastly growing field. This course in ESG with Echios is mapped specifically to the CFA certificate in ESG Investing exam and will act as a direct revision tool to assist you to success. Our prompts, revision tools and question bank are precisely the material you need to feel fully prepared and equipped.  

What is this course about?

Understanding ESG growth

Clients are demanding more than ever for responsible investing to be integrated into their portfolios. Whilst it has become a priority now, it is not a new concept. By completing this course, you will better understand the story and growth of ESG which is essential to understanding the future of it. 

Understanding ESG implications

Terms such as sustainable investments, thematic investments, or impact investments describe the variation of ESG investments. However, they all relate to the rippling effect of ESG factors. This part of the course will help to better understand the trends and the effect that they have on the market. 

Understanding ESG integration

To be ahead of the trend, it is vital to understand the many layers to ESG investment. This course will delve into how ESG considerations are relevant within setting investment objectives, deciding on asset allocation, investment management, reporting and at a research level. Understanding these distinctions will give you deep insight into the world of ESG and how it facilitates top line growth. 

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Module Outline

An introduction to ESG

  • Defining what ESG is and corporate social responsibility 
  • Different styles of ESG investing 
  • Reasons for integrating ESG 
  • Broad ways to incorporate ESG into practice 
  • Drivers and initiatives to push the ESG agenda 

Developments in ESG over time

  • Review history of how ESG came about and why it has been growing 
  • Global development in ESG according to Global Sustainable Investment Alliance research 
  • Consider and understand the main stakeholders of ESG 
  • Review some of the challenges in ESG so far 

Focusing on the Environmental factors

  • What are the key environmental issues and how do they impact business activities? 
  • What are some of the trends and drivers influencing environmental changes? 
  • Approaches to assess and manage environmental risk 
  • What opportunities are there from environment related changes  

Focusing on the Social Factors

  • Reviewing social megatrends and how they may impact companies 
  • Breakdown of the social factors impacting internal and external stakeholders 
  • Breaking the factors into country, sector, and company level 
  • Understanding social factors in mitigating risk and seeing opportunities 

Focusing on Governance factors

  • Understanding what governance and their structural differences are 
  • How are shareholders rights protected through governance codes? 
  • Understanding the different governance structures globally and relevance of audits 
  • How governance is incorporated into investments 

ESG integration through engagement and stewardship

  • The importance of stewardship and engagement 
  • Review of codes and standards related to stewardship 
  • Review of engagement styles and what creates effective engagement 
  • ESG integration across asset classes 

ESG analysis, valuation, and integration

  • Breaking down ESG integration into qualitative and quantitative analysis 
  • Consider the stages of ESG assessment 
  • ESG assessment within Mutual funds 
  • ESG ratings across companies 
  • Understanding the role of credit rating agencies to incorporate ESG  

ESG within portfolio construction and management

  • Importance of ESG integration within portfolio management 
  • Evolution of ESG within indices and benchmarking 
  • ESG considerations within different asset classes 
  • Managing risk and returns of and ESG portfolio 
  • ESG integration within passive portfolios 

ESG within investment mandates and client reporting

  • Aligning investor beliefs and embedding into an investment mandate 
  • An overview of client beliefs and translating them into investment philosophy 
  • Importance of reviewing and reporting in relation to client objectives 

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What makes the course unique?

Interactive, dynamic and engaging

Our unique training is delivered by our ESG experts and contains all you need to know to get ahead in this field. You can watch and rewatch the sessions, allowing it to work around your schedule. Our videos are delivered in short sharp bursts meaning that the content is easily digestible and actionable straight away. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via our help desk which is linked directly to our tutors.  

Clear and structured

Whatever stage of your ESG understanding, this course manages to break down complex ideas into easily digestible and useful information that you can use immediately. The videos are carefully designed with question prompts and assessment tools so that you are embedding the learning as you go to ensure you finish feeling confident.

Specifically mapped content

This course is for anyone with an interest in ESG to enhance your understanding, but it is also designed in a way that is directly mapped to the CFA certificate in ESG and helps with preparation for that exam. You will be provided with a workbook, a question bank of over 600 questions and mock exams to ensure that you are completely prepared. 

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Why study this course?

This course is specifically designed to equip you with all you need to know about ESG investing. This is a highly detailed, highly structed and interactive programme. With our continuing assessments and engaging online content, you will feel confident and knowledgeable in the world of ESG and make an impact in your work. If studying for the exam, this is the exact preparation you will need. All videos and content will be made available to you for you to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. We are so confident in our content that we guarantee your success on the ESG exam and will continue to support you until you pass. 

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This program is designed to help you future-proof your career by giving you access to knowledge around cryptos, broken down into easy to digest chunks. We ensure that you become up to date with the latest trends impacting the industries right now.

Regardless of whether you work in a tech role or not, it’s vital that you have a working knowledge of the concepts covered in this program, as every industry is now starting to explore of some of this technology.

Reviews & Testimonials

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to analyse and integrate ESG factors 
  • Investment practitioners 
  • Sales and distribution workers 
  • Asset management workers 
  • Financial advisors 
  • Business consultants 
  • Risk managers 
  • Anyone taking the CFA Exam  
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Not only will you have the power to innovate and create better solutions, you will become DigitalIQ certified once you complete the final assessment.

Assessments throughout

The knowledge transfer methods within the DigitalIQ program will ensure your full understanding of the subjects covered. Continuous assessments throughout the program enable you to reinforce that learning and successful completion of the final assessment demonstrates to yourself, your employer, and anyone else, the level of knowledge you have attained.

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The course commences on 28th March 2022.
The course consists of 2 webinars a week, each 90 minutes long. There will be 8 sessions in total.
This programme is hosted virtually through Zoom.
Yes, the qualificaton is accredited by Echios.
You will be notified of a zoom link prior to each webinar.
You will be sent a recording for each webinar so you can easily catch up for any sessions missed.


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