ECHIOS provides communication feedback through the power of AI. Using an AI engine we track 6 behavioral traits and analyze an individuals effectiveness. Harnessing the power of AI, our app analyzes, eye contact, gestures, posture, voice dynamics and disfluencies. Once a person records a communication section in the AI, users then receive feedback, and are provided with a tailored learning pathway of continuous improvement.


With limitless data and knowledge at our fingertips, tomorrow's leaders will be defined by how effectively they synthesize, communicate and present their ideas.

See the sections bleow that describes you best to learn how Ethios can propel your success.



college students

No longer is memorization of vast amounts of information a success factor, with limitless data on the internet.  Rather, those that assimilate, interpret and clearly communicate it.

job seekers

Employers must make hiring decisions with mere brief interactions.  By far the biggest differentiator will be how effectively communicate and present your depth of understanding about the position on hand. 



Refined presentation skills are crucial to an array of corporate roles and functions.  From salespersons to C-level executives, effective communication and presentation are critical to business success.