Accelerating Development Through Feedback

Learning Outcomes

  • The power of appropriate and timely feedback to motivate and inspire
  • Understand what people need at work to feel engaged and perform well
  • Ensure career progression and growth
  • How inclusion of the team encourages group decision making
  • Enabling retention through engagement
  • How short coaching recap sessions spur growth


As a leader or coach, it is your job to provide effective feedback and constructive suggestions that help your colleagues succeed Research has shown that frequent and continuous feedback to employees increases motivation, engagement and enthusiasm by up to 3 times. Feedback is not a judgement process, it is teamwork, towards a common goal. You want to make your employees feel part of the process and valued within it. This comprehensive training provides you with tools on how to give feedback in a useful, fresh, compelling way. This course goes beyond feedback, teaching leaders how to create happy, balanced, effective teams to ensure an optimistic workplace. It shows leaders how to engage in regular, constructive discussions with their team members allows for feedback to be implemented throughout the year.

Program Overview

Understanding Feedback
  • What feedback is and what it isn’t
  • The benefits of timely and motivational feedback
  • How to balance feedback over time
  • 4 types of feedback and how to implement
Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • How to give positive feedback
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • How to receive feedback
  • Practical scenarios and exercises
Teamwork & Common Goals
  • Mentoring – how to establish this working relationship
  • Setting goals and working towards them
  • Giving employees a voice
  • Building team morale and motivation
Ways to give feedback
  • Written feedback
  • Appropriate documentation and formalities
  • Open dialogue & difficult conversations
  • Case studies quiz- how would you provide feedback?

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