Business Writing

Learning Outcomes

  • How business writing differs from traditional writing
  • How to influence a variety of audiences
  • Best practices in writing reports, emails and presentations
  • Learn what the people in your target audience care about, and write from their perspective
  • Using objectives, target audience, order, and flow before you begin writing
  • Understand the principles of style and grammar in business


In this age of information overload, your communications have to be on point to gain an audience’s attention. Great writing is not about using big words, long sentences and complicated concepts. Great writing is an art. It’s about crafting a message, designing the reader journey and having the desired impact. This course covers the tenets of effective business writing including a variety of business communication, from emails, letters and reports. This course offers a clear, comprehensive, easy-to-use guide on how to be impactful with audiences.

Program Overview

Technical Writing Vs Business Writing
  • Establishing the difference between academic writing and business writing
  • How to transform your individual style
  • Create a best practice model for all business writing
  • Establish standards for writing that influence in the financial sector
Reaching others
  • Understand the PACE® Color Palette assessment tool
  • How to connect with others through email
  • How to interpret other’s writing styles
  • Guaranteed ways to engage an audience
Crafting your message
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds: What’s In It For Them?
  • Having a “Hook Statement” that pulls people in
  • Using the Diamond Flow to deliver the message
  • The power of knowing your audience
Influential writing
  • 4 models of influential writing
  • Emails and report writing
  • Social media writing and reach
  • Crafting an influential message that audiences take action on

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