Digital IQ

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the digital landscape within Banking and Finance
  • Differentiate between a potential game changer potential money waster – smart investments
  • Understand the most disruptive technologies for the firm
  • Comprehend the security of new technologies
  • Develop ideas around evolving technological changes – cut through the A.I. hype by understanding how it really works
  • Where the future lies with blockchain and cryptocurrency


From Cryptocurrencies to self-driving cars, technology is pushing the boundaries of everyday life. The way we make payments, travel and manage our home is being revolutionized by technological advances. Understanding how this technology works is fundamental to help you advise clients and understand the true value behind technological advancements. Whether you work with clients internally or externally, having meaningful conversations around concepts like ‘Machine Learning’ or being able to understand and explain ‘The Blockchain’, will mark the difference between good and amazing.

Program Overview

Artificial Intelligence Intro
  • What is AI and what does it mean for business?
  • Understand how machines learn and adapt
  • Learn about the different types of algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence
  • How AI works/could work in the banking and finance world
Big Data
  • Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value the four Vs of Big Data
  • Why understanding Big Data is critical to your organization
  • How can my organization benefit from a data strategy?
  • Understanding data fluency
The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Cutting through the hype – Blockchain origins
  • Cryptocurrencies – what are they and how do they work?
  • How can this technology revolutionize the way we make payments?
  • Understand distributed ledger technology and its impact on existing banking
  • Domains of cybersecurity, best practices, do’s and don’ts
  • Predict a hack before it turns into your worst nightmare
  • Knowing how to build a safe cyber environment at home and at work
The Cloud
  • The various deployment models of The Cloud infrastructure
  • Efficiencies through using cloud computing
  • When to use and not use the Cloud
  • Understanding the jargon – virtualization, rapid elasticity
Looking to the future
  • From our houses to our roads, how automation and connectivity will revolutionize our everyday lives
  • The benefits and risks to business, work, and pleasure
  • Mitigating and managing potential security hacks
  • The IoT revolution: Is this our future?


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