Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Learning Outcomes

  • Where biases come from and why they exist
  • How to become aware of our own biases
  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of an inclusive workforce
  • Creating an accountability culture
  • Beyond today: Holding ourselves and our team responsible
  • Improve outcomes as an organisation


We have seen evidence which displays why multiculturalism and diversity contribute to a successful and creative work dynamic. However, each of us carry a set of biases that influence our decision making, and often lead us to choose candidates for our group who are similar to ourselves. As senior management, recruiter, or anyone involved in the hiring process it is imperative that your decisions address a person’s potential for success, rather than a superficial or personal characteristic. Creating awareness of bias and taking research-based and practical steps toward weakening the power of bias, has been proven to increase inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Program Overview

What is Bias
  • Psychology explains the origins of bias
  • Understanding our own bias and where they come from
  • The impact of bias as a society
  • How to overcome and work against bias
Understanding others
  • Personal stories and impact of exclusion
  • The power of privilege
  • Becoming accountable for the role we play
  • The power of language and an inclusive culture
Leadership & Management
  • Inclusive leadership and addressing bias
  • Inclusive recruitment practice
  • Wellness & Mental Health management
  • Community, cohesion & culture
Looking forward
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Creating an unbiased culture
  • Making behavior patterns stick

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