Executive Presence

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize the three elements of executive presence: Gravitas, Communication, and Appearance
  • Control your gravitas as it relates to decisiveness and emotional intelligence
  • Recognize what stops you from having impact on your audience
  • Communicate effectively to engender commitment
  • Deliver credible messages that audiences pay attention to
  • Know what influences different groups of individuals
  • Understand the way colleagues and oneself operates


Your executive presence immediately impacts the relationships that you can leverage, and the impact that you can have on business decisions. Merely being the subject matter expert is therefore no longer sufficient. For your statements to have genuine bottom line visibility you need to be able to make the right impact, build rapport and presence so that your input becomes a strategic consideration for your team. By building an awareness of your executive presence, an understanding of others and learning some key tools and techniques, this course will enable you to increase your executive presence and rapport with those around you.

Program Overview

Body Language
  • How body language is the gateway to audiences accessing content
  • Using your voice effectively in person and on conference calls to show credibility on topics
  • Avoiding disfluencies such as “um’ “you know”, and “like”
  • What to do with body language, hands, eyes, facial expression and posture
  • The main components that define gravitas as it relates to executive presence
  • How leaders keep their composure
  • Know who you need to engage with – understand what drives them
  • Knowing when leaders use empathy and compassion
  • When confidence stretches to arrogance, and passive behaviors weaken executive presence
Crafting Your Message
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds. What’s in it for them?
  • Having a “hook statement” that pulls people in
  • Using the Diamond Flow to deliver the message
  • Crafting an influential message, which audiences take action on
PACE® Color Palette
  • Understand the color assessment tool
  • Dramatically enhance communication in the workplace
  • Understand your personal and everyday life by utilizing a fun, non-threatening, easily adaptable tool
  • Influence teams and individuals by identifying patterns
  • Understanding how appearance makes a difference in communication
  • Attention and distractions based on clothing
Practice Behaviors 1 on 1 coaching
  • Groups will practice behaviors by using their own content and imple- ment strategies during coaching
  • Each person will be video recorded up to 3 times with feedback
Next Steps After Training
  • A prescriptive plan for next steps of improvement
  • How to integrate 3 steps into daily business life
  • Making behavior patterns stick

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