PowerPoint Advanced

Learning Outcomes

  • Tell a story with data through formal presentation skills
  • Learn basic design principals for effective visuals and slides
  • Present with influential communication skills
  • Use voice, face and body to strengthen and support the substance of their message
  • Articulate clear and concise messaging for presentations, meetings and conference calls
  • Less is more: The power of the perfect pitch and designing your slides


The function of PowerPoint is to be an assistant to your message. When used correctly, PowerPoint can have a huge impact to your presentation by creating a compelling visual aid. When displaying complex technical data, it is imperative that it is relayed effectively, using simple and powerful visual tools. Your PowerPoint presentation should enhance your message, not detract from it. In this course, you will learn how to use those tools efficiently in order to elevate your pitch and give your message maximum impact.

Program Overview

PowerPoint – The Lay of The Land
  • Exploring the PowerPoint environment
  • Orientation of PowerPoint’s workspace, toolbars and viewing modes
  • Design and layout templates
  • Slide masters, handout masters and note masters
Crafting Your Slides – Designs and Templates
  • Working with text
  • Working with colors, images and objects
  • Adding/importing content from Excel, Word, Etc
  • Working with tables
Crafting Your Message
  • Grabbing your audiences attention in the first 10 seconds: What’s in it for them?
  • Having a “hook statement” that pulls people in
  • Using the Diamond flow to deliver the message
  • Crafting an influential message, audiences take action on
The Final Touches
  • Object Actions
  • Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation
  • Producing pitch books
  • Producing oral presentations

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