Presenting with Impact

Learning Outcomes

  • Speak and write with confidence and conviction.
  • Deliver credible messages that audiences pay attention to.
  • Know what influences different groups of individuals.
  • Understand the way colleagues and oneself operates.
  • Use voice, face, and body to strengthen and support the substance of your message.
  • Articulate clear and concise messaging for presentations, meetings, and conference calls.


The ability to influence others when speaking and writing is vital in business. With a recent study showing a reduction in attention span of individuals, it is essential that clear and concise communication is consistently delivered. Whether one is speaking to one person or to a large audience, it is imperative that the speaker is equipped with the skills that propel audience members to take action. After this course, participants will understand how to read and adjust to audience’s responses. While style is important for a good communicator, substance and authenticity are even more crucial. Great communicators speak and write credibly, and have something meaningful to say.

Program Overview

Body Language
  • How body language is the gateway to audiences accessing content
  • Using your voice effectively in person and on conference calls to show credibility on topics
  • Avoiding disfluencies such as “um’ “you know”, and “like”
  • What to do with body language, hands, eyes, facial expression and posture
Practice Behaviors
  • Groups practice behaviors learned by using their own content and implement strategies throughout the session
  • Each person will be video recorded 2-3 times with feedback
Crafting Your Message
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds. What’s in it for them?
  • Having a “hook statement” that pulls people in
  • Using the Diamond Flow to deliver the message
  • Crafting an influential message, which audiences take action on
  • Understanding how appearance makes a difference in communication
  • Attention and distractions based on clothing
Hostile Audience & Difficult Questions
  • How to start a Q&A session
  • The “Do’s & Don’ts” of a Q&A sessions
  • Ending the Q&A on a high note
PACE® Color Palette
  • Understand the color assessment tool
  • Dramatically enhance communication in the workplace
  • Understand your personal and everyday life by utilizing a fun, non-threatening, easily adaptable tool
  • Influence teams and individuals by identifying patterns
Using Power Point in Presentations
  • How presenters should not view Power Point as their only option for setting a meeting
  • Creating your own unique slides not templates
  • Avoid pervasive bullet-point lists and abbreviations that negatively influence the use of language and accuracy of information
Next Steps After Training
  • A Prescriptive plan for next steps of improvement
  • How to integrate 3 steps into daily business life
  • Making behavior patterns stick

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