Presenting with Impact

Learning Outcomes

  • How to make a solid first impression
  • Speaking and writing with confidence and conviction
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Get your message across: how to construct clear and concise messaging
  • Presenting yourself: the message you are giving
  • Different ways to present, knowing how to share your message


The ability to influence others when speaking and writing is vital in business. With a recent study showing a reduction in the attention span of individuals, it is essential that clear and concise communication is consistently delivered. Whether one is speaking to one person or to a large audience, it is imperative that the speaker is equipped with the skills that propel audience members to take action. After this course, participants will understand how to read and adjust to their audience. While style is important for a good communicator, substance and authenticity are even more crucial. Great communicators speak and write credibly, and have a powerful way of delivering that message.

Program Overview

Audience awareness
  • Understanding individuals and their needs
  • How to tailor delivery to different audiences
  • Ways to engage and connect with an audience
  • How to involve an audience and take them on a journey
  • The message you communicate when presenting
  • How to make a positive first impression
  • Building listener rapport
  • Thinking on your feet: The art of answering questions
Sell your story
  • Mapping out a clear and persuasive story
  • Bringing content to life
  • Emphasis techniques to land key messages
  • Crafting an influential message, which audiences take action on
Confidence is key
  • Find a presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality
  • Increase your inner confidence
  • Coming across credible and authentic
  • Speak, talk and present with more conviction
Powerful Presentations
  • Best practice for PowerPointâ
  • Other visual aids and tools outside of PowerPointâ
  • The power of positive messaging
  • How to have a lasting impact

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