Professional Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • How your written and verbal communication impacts your colleagues and clients
  • Making sure that you are dressed appropriately for clients and colleagues
  • How to present impactful data that you have been working on without going longer than necessary
  • Speak and write with confidence and conviction
  • Deliver credible messages that audiences pay attention to
  • Know what influences different groups of individuals
  • Understand the way colleagues and oneself operates
  • Use voice, face and body to strengthen and support the substance of their message
  • Articulate clear and concise messaging for presentations, meetings and conference calls


As an individual starts their new role in an organization, it’s important for them to understand the baseline professional skills that are necessary to be impactful. This course will focus on developing essential skills such as dress code analysis, presentation skills, and teamwork. These skills will enable individuals to be desk ready, client-facing, and productive with colleagues, ultimately building their brand and readiness to work in front-line operations.

Program Overview

Foundational behaviors when in work and social environments
  • Dressing appropriately for the varying settings that the individual will be working in
  • How the conversation can change in a social setting from the business environment
  • How uncontrolled consumption of spirits can impact your brand
  • How to appear polished and confident
Foundational presentation skills
  • Using your voice effectively in person and on conference calls to show ones credibility on topics
  • Avoiding disfluencies such as “um’ “you know”, “like”
  • How body language is the gateway to audiences accessing content
  • What to do with body language, hands, eyes, facial expression and posture
Feedback in your new role
  • Understanding the appropriate time to ask for feedback from your senior colleagues
  • The frequency of feedback and the cycle that it should be given in
  • How to best ask for feedback without taking the focus off client tasks
  • How informal feedback can work in the structure of the team dynamic
PACE® Color Palette
  • Understand the color assessment tool
  • Dramatically enhance communication in the workplace
  • Understand your personal and everyday life by utilizing a fun, non-threatening, easily adaptable tool
  • Influence teams and individuals by identifying patterns
Your intro to your brand
  • What is your elevator pitch?
  • What are the key background areas you focus on when introducing yourself?
  • How do you sound credible and concise in your discussions?
Q&A – Dealing with challenges in your role
  • This session is a chance for the individuals to ask a variety of questions that make them ready for their new role
Next Steps After Training
  • A Prescriptive plan for next steps of improvement
  • How to integrate 3 steps into daily business life
  • Making behavior patterns stick

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