Time Management and prioritization

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to feel in control and on top of tasks
  • Eliminate distractions: create and follow an action plan
  • How to chunk your work and create priority lists
  • Passion and purpose as drivers of success
  • Understand the modes of motivation
  • Managing stress and mental health


Stressing about time will only do one thing: give you less time. Time management doesn’t come naturally to most of us and like most things, it requires practice and skill. What differentiates productive people from procrastinators is not the amount of time they have, but the amount of highly focused energy they can devote to a given task in a limited time span. On the course you will learn proven methods to help manage your time, stay on top of tasks and understand how you work best.

Program Overview

Understanding Time
  • How the perception of time works
  • Understanding your own pressure points
  • Procrastination and how it can eat at you
  • Modes of Motivation: 6 key areas
Managing Time
  • Identifying goals, priorities and actions
  • Building habits
  • The art of blocking time
  • Learning to say no
Technology as a tool
  • The latest and most useful apps
  • Understand the capture system of tasks
  • Managing outlook to be more efficient
  • Learning to say no
Stress Management
  • Understanding your own capacity
  • Tools to create space
  • The power of positivity in time management
  • Mindfulness tools for task management

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