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From Cryptocurrencies to self-driving cars, technology is pushing the boundaries of everyday life. The way we make payments, travel and manage our home is being revolutionized by technological advances. Understanding how this technology works is fundamental to help you make the right choices both professionally and personally.

Whether you work with clients internally or externally, having meaningful conversations around concepts like ‘The Cloud’ or being able to understand and meaningfully explain ‘The Blockchain’, will mark the difference between good and amazing.

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All about the Digital IQ Program

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Demystify all things digital

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, The Cloud and IoT. Understand these subjects and become a valuable part of the Tech conversations in your organization.


Anyone working in a role or industry being disrupted by technology. The Digital IQ program has been designed for anyone requiring an understanding of new technologies and, as each subject is covered from first principles, there is no pre-existing knowledge requirement.

Become Certified

Show the world you mean business. The Digital IQ program is certified, so not only will you understand the fundamentals of technology, you can demonstrate your knowledge too.

What makes the course unique?

Clear and simple learning

Learning how technology works can be daunting. Our faculty are some of the brightest minds in the world. They have taken these complex technology subjects and made them simple for all to understand. You don’t have to be a technology expert before embarking on this course, the Digital IQ program will get you there.

Digital subjects all in one place

We focus on all of the core digital subjects in one program. There is no need to take separate courses on each of the subjects. Everything relevant in the world of technology, all in one place, broken down in easy to digest chunks of learning.

Assessments that aid learning

We use a variety of interactive assessments to ensure that what you learn sticks. The assessments are built so that they are a part of your learning journey. They are designed to be challenging and fun, providing a sense of achievement and understanding.

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Why Digital IQ?

“Any business, big or small, across any sector, must take steps now to close the digital IQ gap or risk being left behind during the 4th Industrial Revolution.” Hiscox Inc.
The world is embracing a range of new technologies that combine the physical, digital and biological worlds. These new technologies will impact all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenge our ideas about what it means to be human. These technologies have great potential to drastically improve the efficiency of business and organisations but also can bring a variety of risks if we fail to implement them in the right way. Having an informed workforce allows us to take advantage of these technologies but also carefully identify the risks and separate hype from reality.

Make A Difference

Tech. Made. Simple.

The Digital IQ program is designed to help you future-proof your career by giving you access to knowledge on the latest tech innovations, broken down into easy to digest chunks. We ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends impacting the industry right now.

Regardless of whether you work in a tech based role or not, it’s vital that you have a working knowledge of the concepts covered in this program, as the impact of new technologies is affecting virtually every industry.

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What you'll get from the course

Jargon busting tech abilities

Have you ever felt like you have been left out of the tech conversation? Has anyone in your team ever proposed a ‘novel’ idea, thrown around jargon that you’ve never heard or, even if you have heard of it, you’re not sure what it means? Sometimes you may even put yourself down, believing you are tech illiterate. There is a better way, be informed, make the right choices and decisions – stay ahead of the tech curve with Digital IQ.

Become the innovator

If knowledge is power, understanding is wisdom. We help you understand the most disruptive technologies so that you can be an innovator of the future. Our expert faculty guide you through how this new technology works – cutting through the hype so that you can differentiate between a potential game changer vs. potential money waster.

Who should take the course?

We have designed this program for people that are in an industry that is going to be disrupted by technology. And, practically speaking, that is every industry. Whether you are in Finance, Engineering or Healthcare it is really important that you understand how technology works, and how you can shape the impact it will have. This new digital world is going to affect you industry, your company and ultimately your role. The Digital IQ program will not teach you how to program a Machine Learning model, but you will learn about the paradigms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to apply these to your business area, so when you employ digital specialists you can take control of the conversation.

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Course Outline

How Artificial Intelligence works – The inner workings of Machine Learning

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • What does the future of machines look like?
  • Understand how machines learn and adapt
  • Know how self-driving cars work and how they will change our cities forever
  • Learn about the different types of algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • Cutting through the hype – Blockchain origins
  • Cryptocurrencies – what are they and how do they work?
  • How can this technology revolutionize the way we make payments?
  • Understand distributed ledger technology and the impact on existing banking

Big Data – What does it mean for you, clients and consumers?

  • Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value the four Vs of Big Data
  • Why understanding Big Data is critical to your organisation?
  • How can my organization benefit from a data strategy?
  • Understanding data fluency

The Cloud – Understanding the revolution of distributed computing

  • The various deployment models of The Cloud infrastructure
  • Efficiencies through using cloud computing
  • When to use and not use the Cloud
  • Understanding the jargon – virtualization, rapid elasticity

IoT – Internet of things – Smart homes, cities, and nations?

  • From our houses to our roads, how automation and connectivity will revolutionize our everyday lives
  • The benefits and risks to business, work and pleasure
  • Mitigating and managing potential security hacks
  • From doorbells, televisions, and kettles to beds, shoes and cutlery. Is there any “thing” which won’t be impacted by IoT revolution?

Cybersecurity – Look before you click

  • Domains of cybersecurity, best practices, do’s and don’ts
  • Predict a hack before it turns into your worst nightmare
  • Knowing how to build a safe cyber environment at home and at work

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The fee is fully inclusive of all online study materials, assessments, online helpdesk, final assessment, and certification





Not only will you have the power to innovate and create better solutions, you will become Digital IQ certified once you complete the final assessment.

Assessments throughout

The knowledge transfer methods within the Digital IQ program will ensure your full understanding of the subjects covered. Continuous assessments throughout the program enable you to reinforce that learning and successful completion of the final assessment demonstrates to yourself, your employer, and anyone else, the level of knowledge you have attained.

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Join the wider community of Digital IQ learners and keep up to date with new advances in technology, digitization and finance.

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As the course is delivered wholly online you can enrol and study at any time, simply click here to get started.
Through any internet browser and also through our iOS and Android apps. Your progress is synchronised across all devices.
The whole program requires around 10-15 hours worth of study time.
We will cover how machines think and some of the paradigms of programming, however there is no programming as a part of the course.
Yes, the qualificaton is accredited by Echios.
  • The final certification test should be attempted once you have completed all of the training material and are scoring well in the mock tests
  • The final assessment consists of 40 questions, your have 1 hour in which to complete it and the pass mark is 70%
  • The questions are identical in format and depth to the practice questions at the end of each section
  • You are allowed 3 attempts at the final assessment


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