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Thursday, 27th october 2022 9am - 4pm

Are you in a support function within banking and finance? 

Do you work in Learning & Development and HR and want more understanding of the following concepts? 

  • How financial markets work 
  • The future of the finance industry 
  • Unlocking the world of digital transformation 
  • The importance of diversity & inclusion in the workplace 

Join us on 27
th October for an interactive day of learning, networking and navigating the world of finance together.  

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Who is this event for?

Tailored towards Learning & Development and HR Professionals within:

This program has been designed for those in support functions within the finance industry. This interactive day takes you through the world of finance, digital transformation and the future of global financial markets, to enable you to make an impact with your internal clients. Whether in people function, or supporting the business operationally, this event helps you to break down complex terms and concepts into bitesize chunks to increase your credibility and confidence. You will be doing this alongside other professionals in this space, providing a fantastic opportunity to expand your network. 

What is the purpose of this event?

Complex concepts demystified

We break down complex topics into easy to understand terms so that individuals have a full understanding of the finance industry. 

Networking with industry's finest

Network with successful individuals within the Hedge Fund, Banking and Finance industry.  

A community unlike any other

Be part of an exclusive, successful community of L&D professionals overcoming challenges together. 

why attend?

After speaking to many of our clients, the demand to grasp the digital space has become apparent. Success in this space requires a multitude of skills and wealth of technological understanding.  

Our diverse range of modules at Echios equip our clients with all the skills, tools and training that they need to excel in this industry. In this one-day exclusive event with us, we seek to address many of these areas to accelerate your progress and deepen your understanding. We are able to fastrack this learning by breaking down the wealth of content into bitesize and manageable modules to leave you feeling prepared and inspired. 

The key themes that are demanding attention are competent digital skills, clear communication, an understanding of diversity & inclusion as well as a strong knowledge of the current economy.

The Agenda

Dates: Thursday, 27th October, 2022
9am - 4pm

Session 01
Introduction to financial markets and the future of finance
Session 02
Digital IQ: Understanding and demystifying cryptos and the blockchain
Networking lunch
Networking Lunch
Session 03
Impactful Communication: how to get your message heard
Session 04
Diversity, Inclusion & Empowerment: getting the most out of yourself and those you work with
Networking Drinks
Networking Drinks

Earlybird Discount:

SAVE 30%



Use code: FINANCE30 at checkout

What is going to be covered?

Introduction to financial markets and the future of finance

In the world of Finance, how many times have you heard of terms that you simply don’t understand or acronyms that don’t make sense? It then makes it more of a challenge to keep up with all the latest financial trends and movements in the markets. Having a basic understanding and awareness of finance will keep you in the know and increase your confidence when talking to potential clients. Being able to reference financial terms and understanding complex technical finance language will set you ahead of the rest and give you credibility in your conversations. 

Digital IQ: Understanding and demystifying cryptos and the blockchain

From Cryptocurrencies to self-driving cars, technology is pushing the boundaries of everyday life. The way we make payments, travel and manage our homes is being revolutionized by technological advances. Understanding how this technology works and the true value of these advancements is fundamental to your success. Whether you work with clients internally or externally, being confident around concepts like ‘The Blockchain’, will mark the difference between good and distinguished. 

Impactful Communication: how to get your message heard

Working within a HR or support function means you are likely a well established communicator. However, even then, it can be difficult when dealing with different personality styles. In this course we dive deeper into the science of communication. Looking at psycholinguistics and how to use our words in a more meaningful way to get our stakeholders on side. Whether speaking to an individual or a large audience, it is imperative that the speaker is equipped with the skills that propel audience members to take action 

Diversity, Inclusion & Empowerment

There’s no denying the evidence that multiculturalism and diversity contribute to a successful and creative work dynamic. However, each of us carry a set of biases that influence our decisionmaking. Creating awareness of this and having these uncomfortable conversations around race, gender, sexuality and culture, brings the confidence to tackle and overcome them. We will explore our own belief systems and break through them, in order to build a community of empowered leaders who can overcome challenges together in the finance industry. 

Details of the Event

When is the event?
Dates: Thursday, 27th October, 2022
9am – 4pm

How much is the event?
Investment: $1,400 per person for the full day (30% early bird discount available)

Where is the event?
Venue: 12 E 12th St, apt 6 / ALTER, New York, NY 10003

Make A Difference

Tech. Made. Simple.

This program is designed to help you future-proof your career by giving you access to knowledge around cryptos, broken down into easy to digest chunks. We ensure that you become up to date with the latest trends impacting the industries right now.

Regardless of whether you work in a tech role or not, it’s vital that you have a working knowledge of the concepts covered in this program, as every industry is now starting to explore of some of this technology.

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Anyone that wishes to enhance their short term and long term career prospects in fields related to: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DLT and its application in Finance

The course commences on 28th March 2022.
The course consists of 2 webinars a week, each 90 minutes long. There will be 8 sessions in total.
This programme is hosted virtually through Zoom.
Yes, the qualificaton is accredited by Echios.
You will be notified of a zoom link prior to each webinar.
You will be sent a recording for each webinar so you can easily catch up for any sessions missed.

Who is training?

Sanjay Bhandari


Sanjay is recognised as one of the most dynamic and experienced trainers in the industry. As an expert in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as being highly personable and passionate, he has a unique ability to take some of the most complex subjects such Machine Learning and Blockchain, and make them relevant and applicable to any audience. 

Sanjay started his career building algorithms on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch. He then headed up the EU trading platform for futures at Bank of America. Over the last 15 years he has worked with a number of clients such as JP Morgan, EY, Nomura, Fidelity, Citi and other financial institutions, helping their management teams understand the impact of technology and how they can utilize it effectively. He is the founder and CEO of Echios, as well as the founder of the CFT which is the number one FinTech qualification in the world. 

Jason Marcotte

Lead Trainer & Coach

With over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience worldwide, Jason is an expert in finance, technology and consultancy. He leads training for large corporate firms including Credit Suisse, Natixis, Wolters Kluwer, A&M, JP Morgan, Ethic Investing, Unified Music Group, BNP Paribas, Northwell Health, and others.  
As well as his ability to lead people through core competencies required for success, he is also passionate about encouraging people to live purposefully and confidently. His high impact approach is well received across all clients. Jason also serves as the Head of Tutor Development at Echios. 

Priya Mehra

Lead Trainer & Coach

Priya has a wealth of experience across multiple Hedge Fund and Financial Services teams, training MD’s, CEOs and industry experts across Natixis, Wolters Kluwer, A&M, JP Morgan, Nomura, Brevan Howard, and Bain Capital. 

Priya is a highly sought-after coach with an extensive skill set in presenting to groups from multiple backgrounds. She has the ability to breakdown mass information into bite size modules delivering them with flair and confidence. She is methodical in her approach and thrives in dynamic group environments. She is highly driven to deliver impactful training on Presenting with Impact, Performance Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Defining your brand, Executive Presence and Empowerment for Everyone. 

Her personal and professional experience has given her the motivation and enthusiasm to empower others to see the potential inside of themselves. She is an inspiring and thought-provoking leader with an adaptable approach, extensive experience and a powerful presence. 

Mark Anderson

Lead Trainer & Coach

Mark has over 10 years of experience of training and coaching. For the last 3 years, he has focussed his energy in the finance sector, specialising in a wealth of skills including Communication, Leadership and Feedback, Business Writing, Sales and Pitching, Emotional Intelligence and more. He has worked with an extensive group of clients from Nomura, JP Morgan, A&M, Brevan Howard, Wolters Kluwer, Kingstreet Capital, Credit Suisse, Bain Capital, Natixis, BNP Paribas, Fidelity, Gov Lane, Baron Funds and others. He coaches executive level leadership teams and helps to develop future leaders to grow into their full potential. Mark brings a high level of energy to his work and is always looking to ensure engagement and growth from those that he works with.  

As well as his corporate experience, Mark is also passionate about the importance of wellbeing and mental/emotional health. He has led successful wellness retreats in Spain and often guides groups and individuals in meditation practices to find purpose and achieve mental clarity. 


An Introduction to
Digital IQ


An Introduction to ESG Investing


Authentic Empowerment: Becoming powerful whilst remaining true to your Authentic self