Meet the Team

Echios is a world-leading training company which offers coaching to business executives, corporations, universities, and individuals. Echios training reflects the company’s vision: To offer substantial transformation to an organization by offering effective tools which focus on behavioral change and can be measured objectively.

We are one of the leading providers of Investment Banking and Finance training. Echios also offers coaching on imperative soft skills such as leadership, decision making, goal-setting and influence.

Echios is able to offer modified and bespoke training courses based on the requirements of the client. By developing flexible courses Echios can successfully implement real change and ROI on learning and development sessions, which participants highly value and attain desired results.

Echios is in the beta stage in developing technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to quantify communications and influence. This technology will allow L&D professionals to track the improvement of individuals over time as a result of our initiatives.

Neel Bhandari

CEO of Americas

Neel is an international Professional Development Trainer/Consultant to Fortune 500 businesses and individuals. He has been specializing his consulting with financial organizations for the past 15 years. Neel is an enthusiastic and engaging learning and development designer/trainer. He focuses on consistently enhancing performance in the corporate world by training graduates to top executives. As a certified trainer with a business background, Neel can tailor training sessions for small to large organizations.

Gilad Christie


Gil was the co-founder and former CEO of the 7city Learning Group, one of the largest and most successful privately held EdTech companies in the world. Over the last 20 years, Gil has designed and delivered training programs for many of the world’s largest financial institutions and asset managers. He teaches a wide range of topics with a focus on capital and derivative markets, asset management, valuation and accounting. Gil also has a keen interest in helping people develop their professional skills.

Sanjay Bhandari


Sanjay is recognised as one of the most dynamic and experienced trainers in the industry. As an expert in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as being highly personable and passionate, he has a unique ability to take some of the most complex subjects such Machine Learning and Blockchain, and make them relevant and applicable to any audience. 

Sanjay started his career building algorithms on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch. He then headed up the EU trading platform for futures at Bank of America. Over the last 15 years he has worked with a number of clients such as JP Morgan, EY, Nomura, Fidelity, Citi and other financial institutions, helping their management teams understand the impact of technology and how they can utilize it effectively. He is the founder and CEO of Echios, as well as the founder of the CFT which is the number one FinTech qualification in the world. 

Kay Fournier

Client Services Manager

With her Human Resources background within the education industry, Kay is passionate about finding the perfect combination of services that enrich the lives of her clients. In her role as Client Services Manager, she pairs her creative inclinations with her love for communication to build online community and further broaden the message of Echios.

Rupa Patel


As Echios‘ Operations Officer, Rupa does more than make sure the company’s ducks are in a row. With over 6 years of financial and strategic management experience, he is constantly developing innovative ways of streamlining processes to make the management of business functions effective and efficient. He also works with external professionals to ensure that the value they bring is injected directly into the business core functions

Vishaka Serres

VP of Strategy - Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)

Vishaka is a driven individual that has worked with a diverse population in different languages to improve their communication skills. She completed her master’s degree at Columbia University. With her knowledge and degree in Speech language Pathology she facilitates the trainers in the Echios team on essential information and terminology in the field of SLP. She supports clients on the processes involved in Speech and language to enhance effective communication. She manages the organization and planning of Echios’ growth strategies to successfully meet client’s needs.

Neel Shah

Head of Financial Training

Neel Shah has been a financial trainer for over 10 years and has a clear passion for teaching financial and digital concepts to others. He thrives in delivering technical areas but in ways that becomes easy for others to understand so they can progress and develop more easily. 
He has a wealth of experience working with professionals at all levels from graduates to management. His adaptable, charismatic and confident approach instils a confidence and security in his clients. He has worked with the likes of RBS, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Brewin Dolphin, Rothschild, Wells Fargo and HSBC. Neel’s specialist areas includes Data Science, Global Markets, Investment Banking, Regulations and ESG.  

CK Bhaumik


CK has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and business analysis. He is an exceptionally skilled and technical trainer and his sessions to corporate employees in the fields of technology and information security are in high demand. With his wealth of knowledge and coaching skills, he able to break these complex subjects down into understandable and relatable content that suits the needs of the required client.  

He has delivered multiple cloud-based Management Information Systems to businesses in worldwide including the UK, US, Canada and India. He has a keen interest in new and effective coding methodologies, Cloud native developments, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies.

Kavi Sivyer

Lead Product Developer

Kavi is an accomplished facilitator, bridging the gap between technologists, designers and end users with his expertise in Visual Communication, User Experience and Digital Marketing. With experience working within both the technology and the marketing industry and has a keen desire for sharing the knowledge and insights that he has gained. He strives to provide true value to his clients, be that in the form of consulting solutions or when he is conducting trainings and simulations.

He has experience of working across New York, LA, London and Asia for world leading investment organisations such as Nomura, AIG, Fidelity, A&M, Credit Suisse, Brevan Howard, Engie and others.

Mark Anderson

Lead Trainer & Coach

Mark has over 10 years of experience of training and coaching. For the last 3 years, he has focussed his energy in the finance sector, specialising in a wealth of skills including Communication, Leadership and Feedback, Business Writing, Sales and Pitching, Emotional Intelligence and more. He has worked with an extensive group of clients from Nomura, JP Morgan, A&M, Brevan Howard, Wolters Kluwer, Kingstreet Capital, Credit Suisse, Bain Capital, Natixis, BNP Paribas, Fidelity, Gov Lane, Baron Funds and others. He coaches executive level leadership teams and helps to develop future leaders to grow into their full potential. Mark brings a high level of energy to his work and is always looking to ensure engagement and growth from those that he works with.  

As well as his corporate experience, Mark is also passionate about the importance of wellbeing and mental/emotional health. He has led successful wellness retreats in Spain and often guides groups and individuals in meditation practices to find purpose and achieve mental clarity. 

Priya Mehra

Lead Trainer & Coach

Priya has a wealth of experience across multiple Hedge Fund and Financial Services teams, training MD’s, CEOs and industry experts across Natixis, Wolters Kluwer, A&M, JP Morgan, Nomura, Brevan Howard, Bain Capital. 

Priya is a highly sought-after coach with an extensive skill set in presenting to groups from multiple backgrounds. She has the ability to breakdown mass information into bite size modules delivering them with flair and confidence. She is methodical in her approach and thrives in dynamic group environments. She is highly driven to deliver impactful training on Presenting with Impact, Performance Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Defining your brand, Executive Presence and Empowerment for Everyone. 

Her personal and professional experience has given her the motivation and enthusiasm to empower others to see the potential inside of themselves. She is an inspiring and thought-provoking leader with an adaptable approach, extensive experience and a powerful presence. 

Hannah Merriman

Lead Trainer & Coach

With over 10 years of training, teaching and coaching experience across a dynamic range of settings, Hannah is highly sought-after for her unique, dynamic and enthusiastic approach. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and breaking it down into relatable and accessible content. Hannah is a highly skilled communicator, connecting with her audience and instilling confidence and creativity in their thinking, equipping clients with the necessary skills required to progress and make transformational change. 

With a degree in Mathematics, Statistics & Psychology, Hannah has attention to detail and a deep understanding of the human mind and how we function. She has worked in client relations at a family office for private wealth and has experience with clients such as Nomura and Fidelity. Hannah was excited to join the Echios training team to share her knowledge and passion for teaching.

Jennifer Shtainer

Lead Trainer & Coach

Jennifer Shtainer has nearly 20 years of progressive Human Resources experience spanning the finance and healthcare industries. Most recently she was the HR Director at Northwell Health responsible for approximately 5,000 administrative staff and physicians. While there she structured and provided the full spectrum of HR solutions in the areas of employee engagement, talent management, rewards, performance management, employee relations, learning and development, organizational change management, coaching and organization design.

Jason Marcotte

Lead Trainer & Coach

With over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience worldwide, Jason is an expert in finance, technology and consultancy. He leads training for large corporate firms including Credit Suisse, Natixis, Wolters Kluwer, A&M, JP Morgan, Ethic Investing, Unified Music Group, BNP Paribas, Northwell Health, and others.  
As well as his ability to lead people through core competencies required for success, he is also passionate about encouraging people to live purposefully and confidently. His high impact approach is well received across all clients. Jason also serves as the Head of Tutor Development at Echios. 

Chris Stafford

Content Editor

As a graduate from Becker College with a BA in Interactive Media Design Chris has a healthy level of experience with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator along with 3D modeling programs such as Autodesk Maya and zBrush. These skills tied with his understanding of today’s market allow for a unique presentation of the training material.


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